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Home » The New Creation (Part 2): Derek Prince Sermon (Transcript)

The New Creation (Part 2): Derek Prince Sermon (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled ‘The New Creation (Part 2)’

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

In our previous session, I spoke about the new creation, its totality, its completeness, that it affects every area of a human personality: spirit, soul, and body.

The spirit that was dead in sin is brought back to life in God. The soul that was in rebellion is reconciled and brought into submission and obedience, and the body becomes a temple for the Spirit of God to dwell in. And the Spirit of God can impart sufficient life to keep us strong and active and healthy until our life task is completed.

Now, out of the truth of the new creation, we’re going to go on to study two persons that relate to this new creation: two of the most important persons in the New Testament, and yet neither of them is ever given a name. They are simply known as the old man and the new man, or the old person and the new person.

And as I say, although they are not named, they are extremely important. And really, we cannot receive all that God has for us in the Christian life until we understand the nature of the old and the new man and God’s plan for dealing with both.

And my experience as one who travels very widely and ministers to Christians from many different backgrounds in different nations, many Christians really don’t have a clear picture of the nature of the old man and the nature of the new.

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