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Home » True And False Church (Part 2): Derek Prince Sermon (Transcript)

True And False Church (Part 2): Derek Prince Sermon (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled “True And False Church (Part 2)” which was preached in October 1989 in Bromley, England.

Quotable Quote(s) from This Sermon:

“The soulish man cannot receive spiritual truth, because it’s received with the spirit.”

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

This is the second session on the theme of True and False Church. We’ve been examining how it comes about that there is a false church. And we looked at the warning that Paul gave to the Corinthians: in 2 Corinthians chapter 11 and the first verses, when he pointed out the root of this problem which is another Jesus, a different spirit, and a different gospel.

And wherever we turn away from the true Biblical historical Jesus, and begin to present some other kind of picture, a different spirit which is not the Holy Spirit moves in, a spirit of error, and then we end up with a different gospel.

And I was reminded, as I was meditating on how to continue the solemn warning given by Paul in Galatians chapter 1, where he says: “if anybody preaches any other gospel than this gospel, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8) And he says it, again I repeat: let him be accursed. And that word that’s translated accursed is one of the most powerful words in the Greek language; it’s a word that we use in English: anathema. There is no stronger word for that which God totally condemns and rejects.

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