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Home » The Consequences of Impatience: Dr. Charles Stanley (Transcript)

The Consequences of Impatience: Dr. Charles Stanley (Transcript)

Full text of senior pastor Dr. Charles Stanley’s sermon titled: ‘The Consequences of Impatience’.

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Dr. Charles Stanley – Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta

When you observe someone being very, very impatient, how does it make you feel?

Well, how do you suppose other people feel when you and I become very, very impatient with them?

Well, probably all of us become impatient about some things in life, and probably most of them are rather insignificant. For example, you’re in a hurry and you can’t find your car keys anywhere. You know exactly where you laid them down, but somehow they’re not there.

Or you’re having lunch and 25 minutes have gone by and they still haven’t shown up. Or you’ve said to your children: ‘in the bed by 09:00; I mean it!’ And what happens is you walk in there three times, they’re still in the bed frolicking and having a good time, totally ignored you. Then you take some other action, probably.

So the issue is What Happens When We Become Impatient, And How Do We Feel? And how do we feel when other people become impatient with us?

Well, we could talk about insignificant things, but in this message I want us to talk about those very significant times, those forks in the road, when you and I come to that place in life, and we want to move, we don’t have God’s yes about it, and we move anyway.

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