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Paul Washer – Shocking Message (Full Transcript)

Full text of Bible teacher and preacher Paul Washer’s sermon popularly known as “The Shocking Youth Message,” which was delivered at the 2002 Youth Evangelism Conference in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Paul Washer – Founder, HeartCry Missionary Society

It’s a tremendous privilege for me to be here this afternoon with you.

Before we begin with any further speaking, I would also like to go to the Lord in prayer. And I would ask you to pray. There is so much going on here this afternoon, so much that you don’t understand.

But I’ll tell you where I’m coming from. I’ll preach as a dying man to dying men and women and youth. And I will preach as though I will never preach again, and I will tell you things that you will misunderstand.

I will tell you things that make you so angry with me, and I’ll tell you things that you will deny. And I will tell you things and you will say I have no right to tell you what I’m telling you.

But before you come to any conclusion about what is being said here this afternoon, you ask yourself one question. You see, preaching is a very dangerous thing. It’s dangerous for me because the Bible says that false teachers will undergo greater condemnation. If what I tell you today is not true, I’m in a great deal of trouble and have every right to do this with fear and trembling, because I will stand condemned before God.

But if what I tell you today is true, then you’re the one with cause for fear and trembling, because if I correctly interpret this passage of Scripture that I’m going to give you, it is as though God was speaking through a man. And your problem will not be with me; it will be with God and His Word.

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