Step Out in Faith: Nick Vujicic (Full Transcript)

Full text of evangelist Nick Vujicic’s sermon titled ‘Step Out in Faith’ which was delivered on May 19, 2013 at CCF Center in Manila, Philippines.


Nick Vujicic – Australian evangelist

Hello everybody. Good morning, or afternoon. I think it’s just past 12.

It is my privilege and honor to be here at CCF. I want to thank our friend Rebecca and her whole team who actually invited me here to the Philippines. If it wasn’t for them, by God’s grace, we wouldn’t be here. Can we thank Rebecca and her team, please? Thank you so much.

It is my privilege and honor to be able to communicate my story of how the Lord has transformed my life from a life without limbs into a life without limits and I give all the glory to God. Anything good that you see in Nick Vujicic is because of the grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen?

I’m so blessed and humbled and I’m sure that you’ve heard the great news that me and my wife, we got married last year, and now we have a boy. He’s 3 months old. We’re really excited. And the Lord has blessed our ministry of “Life Without Limbs.” You might want to take notes of the Scriptures I’m going to be sharing with you, this sermon.

There are times where you listen to a sermon and you think you’ve received it, but then three days later you forgot what Scriptures the preacher was talking about, and you can always go back to these Scriptures to help uplift you, because we all have ups and downs. Amen? So you can always go back to these verses that I’m going to be sharing with you this time.

Every time I get up and preach even in the same church, I find myself preaching different sort of messages that even come in from different verses as well. But the core message of my testimony is the same. And I want to encourage you in the times where God doesn’t make sense and you don’t understand His perfect plan for your life, what do you do?

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Before I get into it… I’m 30 years old, I was born in Australia. I started to be an evangelist at age 19, so 11 years ago. By the grace of God, He’s opened up doors for me to speak across 46 countries, meet 8 presidents, and even speak to congresses. We have many, many testimonies of how people’s lives have been changed, and our website and the videos of our traveling are going to be constantly updating this year.

I’m very, very excited to be here in the Philippines. And this is my first official tour in the Philippines and definitely not my last. I’m praying about coming back next year already. We’re so excited to report that yesterday, actually, I was able to have a press conference with the top 3 TV stations, top 3 newspapers that cover 80% of the Philippines and we are so thankful to report to you that within a week or two the preaching sermon tomorrow that’s going to be held, I think it’s in the Coliseum, I think, is going to be broadcasted nationwide to the Philippines. Hallelujah!

So our ministry of “Life Without Limbs” is in which I go and share about my faith in Jesus and Lord willing, we’re preaching across 27 nations this year. We just came from Japan and we’re going to continue our journey and you can follow us on Facebook as well, Nick Vujicic Fans. Anyone on Facebook? Yeah? Maybe two of you, three of you?

It’s so wonderful to be here and I really pray that the Lord touches your heart. I want to get into Scripture. I want to open up to Psalm 23, if you have your Bibles with you, we’d like you to follow along. And I want to share with you my story. I’d like to first open up with one of my favorite Psalms, that’s my favorite anyway. Tell me when you’re there. I’m so thankful for my little foot that God has blessed me with. I love my little foot. I can do the peace sign. Peace! How are you doing?

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