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Home » Will The Antichrist Arise In Europe? – Derek Prince Sermon Transcript

Will The Antichrist Arise In Europe? – Derek Prince Sermon Transcript

Transcript of Derek Prince’s teaching titled ‘Will The Antichrist Arise In Europe?’ which is Part 5 of the series called Where Are We In Bible Prophecy?

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

Who would love to have children and have not been able? So if you are in that category and you would like us to pray for you. Don’t be embarrassed, but just stand up wherever you are. Say, this is mine, me. And if there’s husband and wife together, that’s much better. But if not, if there’s just one member of a couple, never mind.

I want to tell you God is really here tonight. He’s going to do things.


I’m going to pray in a minute and I’m going to come against the spirit of barrenness. But before I do that, I want to repeat a prayer that Ruth and I pray every night before we go to sleep. The last thing we say.

And the amazing thing about it is I can’t remember some of the words and we say it every night. But just be patient with me and if I forget, Ruth will help me. And I want you to say them after us. Just have faith we’re going to pray the right thing.

So you don’t have to be only among those who are standing. Anyone who wants to say this. It’s a prayer acknowledging that we’ve been released from the curse and brought into the blessing.

We thank You Lord that through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we have passed out from under the curse and entered into the blessing of Abraham, whom You bless in all things: exaltation, health, reproductiveness, prosperity, victory, and God’s favor.

Those are the last words we speak at night. God’s favor. So now we’re going to pray for those who are standing.

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