Derek Prince Sermon: ‘It Cost All He Had’ (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled ‘It Cost All He Had’. Key takeaway from this message: Your value in God’s eyes is revealed by the price He paid for you.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

When I looked at the program of our whole itinerary here in New Zealand, and I focused for a while on Christchurch, I asked the Lord to show me what should be my theme. I’m a preacher who likes to deal with a theme. I don’t like to just take one little snippet and then another. I like to deal with some area of truth thoroughly and systematically.

And I felt the Lord showed me that the theme He wanted in Christchurch was the Cross. We’ve had two very profitable seminar sections last night and this morning… four sessions that focused entirely on the Cross. Specifically on how we as Christians need to apply the Cross to our own lives, which is a very challenging theme, just as much for the preacher as it is for those who listen.

I want to continue all through the services here in this auditorium on the same theme of the Cross but to deal with different aspects of the theme.

Tonight is Saturday. We’ll be here to Sunday and then Monday a healing service is announced. I want to say that in a certain sense, tonight and tomorrow will be both preparation for the healing service. If possible… if you need healing, or if you have friends who need healing, or if you want to be in some way involved in the healing service, it is desirable, if you can manage it, that you be here tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday and Monday.

I’ve observed in the healing ministry of Jesus that He spent sometimes days on end in healing ministry. He didn’t just get people aside for a couple of hours and then pray for them. In Matthew 15, it relates that He held a healing service on top of a mountain. How many of us would do that? And the blind and the lame and the maimed came to Him at the top of the mountain.

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And after three days, He said to His disciples, “I have compassion on the people. They’ve been with Me three days and they’ve had nothing to eat.” How many of you would come to a healing service like that on top of a mountain for three days without any food?

What I want to emphasize is the fact that healing is not just a little sort of dab of something that God puts on you. It’s really learning to adjust your whole being to what God wants to bless you with. And the process of adjustment often takes more than one meeting.

Tonight I want to deal with perhaps the most glorious theme of the Bible. And I have to say right now I feel unworthy to deal with it, but I feel God wants me to do my best and that’s all I can do.


I want to say tonight that the cross revealed the love of God in a way that perhaps nothing else could ever reveal it. And the love of God, I believe, is the greatest single fact in the universe. It’s the explanation of the universe. That’s why there is a universe. Because of the love of God.

All creation, all God’s activities, all proceed out of His love. What a difference it makes when you realize that this earth and this universe is not just a series of accidents, but it all proceeds out of the loving heart of a Father God. What a difference it makes to your life when you realize you’re not an accident looking for somewhere to happen. You’re part of a divine eternal plan conceived in love.

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