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Home » Don’t Wait to be Healed to Start Serving Humanity: Claire Wineland at TEDxCardiffbytheSea (Transcript)

Don’t Wait to be Healed to Start Serving Humanity: Claire Wineland at TEDxCardiffbytheSea (Transcript)

Claire Wineland at TEDxCardiffbytheSea

Claire Wineland – TRANSCRIPT

So, the first talk I ever did was a TEDx, funny enough, and I was 14 years old, and I was scared shitless. Like, I could piss my pants. I had bought this little ruffly white Target dress that I was super excited for because I was, like, 14, and I remember getting up on stage, and it’s the first and only talk in my entire career of doing speaking that I ever planned – like, that I wrote down, I don’t plan talks, I’m actually a really horrible person.

And I’m probably a nightmare for planners of these kinds of events to deal with because I don’t ever do speech outlines, I don’t even really have titles, I just made up a title for this completely randomly. So anyway, I get up on stage, and my hands start getting all clammy, and I start feeling I’m going to vomit, and it doesn’t go away. For the entire talk, I’m sitting there saying everything I recited, and I’m terrified. But for some reason, after that talk, I got a call to do another one, and then another one, and I just kept doing them, and I still didn’t really know why I’m doing them.

So that’s the intro story to the main talk. Anyway, when I first started doing talks when I was 14, my talks were pretty simple: they’re my life experience, they’re my story, and in my defense, it is kind of a cool interesting story – I say that completely subjectively. I was born with something called cystic fibrosis, which is the genetic disease that causes an overload of mucus to accumulate in your body, which is disgusting, and also doesn’t seem that terrifying until you really start to think that mucus is in every single of your body and covering every single organ. So it slowly causes your organs to malfunction and fail as you get older and older.

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