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Eckhart Tolle in Conversation with Bradley Horowitz – Talks at Google (Transcript)

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now” stops by Google for a fireside chat with Bradley Horowitz. On the subject: “Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age.” Below is the full transcript of the full session of the chat…

Aired on Feb 23, 2012

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Rich Fernandez

Hello everyone. Welcome. I’m Rich Fernandez from the Learning and Development Team here at Google. So about six months ago we wrote a letter to Eckhart Tolle inviting him to come here to Google. “Eckhart, dude, come to Google,” we said.

Well, something along those lines. We make some of the world’s most valued and most used technology. We aspire to do epic stuff and to make a difference in the world. And yet even as we create this dazzling technology, we want to be sure to pay attention to our own inner technology. We want to ask ourselves the searching and far ranging questions about how we’re getting on in the world. As we optimize our technology, how can we also optimize our lives so that we can be our best selves?

All of this is a lot easier said than done. We operate in a hyper-connected world, always on and we go at it with great pace and intensity. The urgent question of the day is how we can take an intelligent approach to our work and our lives with all of the demands of our time and attention.

Amidst this flood of information how can we discern the signal from the noise in order to access and act on what is most essential to each of us? Eckhart Tolle takes a refreshingly contemporary approach to the question of what it means to live a meaningful and inspired life and with great intelligence. And in so being, how we can each experience a great sense of clarity, peace, and the joy of being alive.

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So we’re very lucky that Eckhart accepted our invitation and said yes to come here today. He knows our ethos that we have a profound interest in being our best selves and doing meaningful and inspired work. We seek to change the world for the better and he understands that, we understand that, in order to transform the world we must first render the necessary transformation within ourselves.

So Eckhart is here today to assist and suggest with some things for us to consider.

Eckhart Tolle has written bestselling books, including The Power of Now and A New Earth and they’ve sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into 33 languages. He is widely regarded as one of the foremost teachers on the subject of wisdom and Conscious Living.

Joining Eckhart in conversation today is our Vice President of Product, Bradley Horowitz.

Now when we proposed to Bradley that he might engage in a dialogue with Eckhart as part of this tech talk, he was really excited which makes sense because Bradley’s cool like that.

Bradley also helped create Google+, Google Apps, and Google+ which we all love.

So without further ado, please join me in welcoming Eckhart Tolle and Bradley Horowitz as they discuss what it means to live with meaning, purpose, and wisdom in the digital age.

Eckhart Tolle: Thank you.

Bradley Horowitz: So on behalf of Google and all the many Googlers here and those tuning in from our overflow rooms, welcome. It’s great to have you here. And it’s very special to have you here. I understand that you don’t often visit corporations and so this has been a journey we’ve taken together over the course of the day.

Eckhart had a moment to meet with some of us earlier and we found that really valuable. And one of the things we discussed this morning was wisdom and the difference between information and wisdom. Google has a mission to organize the world’s information and I think if you think about the hierarchy there’s signal and data and information and knowledge and at the very top of the pyramid is wisdom. And I wondered if you could comment a little bit on what you understand to be the difference between information and wisdom.

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Eckhart Tolle: Good question. Let’s kind of set that aside for just one moment –

Bradley Horowitz: Let’s do that.

Eckhart Tolle: To say how happy I am to be here, how impressed I am by what I have seen, and by the people who work here, and the general energy field in the company. And if you have come, the many young people here, if you’ve come straight from college then I’m sure you don’t know how lucky you are until you start working for another company.

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