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Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO at 36th Annual ENCORE Award Event (Transcript)

At the 36th annual ENCORE Award event on October 2, 2013, Stanford Graduate School of Business honored Tesla Motor CEO and Product Architect, Elon Musk.

Garth Saloner – Dean, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Good evening and, Welcome to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I’m Garth Saloner. I’m the dean here, at the GSB and it’s my privilege to welcome you all to this wonderful event, I want to thank the award selection committee for this really fantastic selection, as well as all of the companies who have supported us by sponsoring the event.

This is the 36th event of its kind. The 36th annual ENCORE award reception and each of the award is given to an entrepreneurial company that embodies the spirit, innovation and unique culture of the companies that we’re familiar with in in Silicon Valley.

And so let me be the first to congratulate Tesla and Elon Musk for the award this evening.

I’m going to be brief before handing you over to Geoff. But I did want to just spend a few minutes saying a little bit about the things that we’ve been doing here at the Graduate School of Business in the area of entrepreneurship and I’m very quickly going to reference three innovations this year.

The first is we have an entrepreneurship course and have had for many years in which we put our students together in multi-disciplinary teams from across the university and they work on projects together and this year, as a harbinger of technology to come we have for the first time flipped the classroom to Stefanos Zenios who teaches the class recorded what would have been the lectures and instead the students got to use the class time to be mentored and to work together on the projects and I think that’s very much a sign of the times and the future.

The second is many of you will be familiar with a program that we have offered here at Stanford in the summer and during the year which we used to called the Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship. We now call it Stanford Ignite. This is a program that at Stanford was aimed at graduate students at Stanford not in the business schools so it’s students in engineering and medicine, and life sciences, and so on who might be starting a company or be working for companies that were innovating. And we’d give them a general management education with an entrepreneurial and innovation spin.

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