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Ericka Alston: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Transcript)

Ericka Alston

Here is the full transcript of Ericka Alston’s TEDx Talk: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told at TEDxHampdenWomen conference. This event took place on May 29, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Listen to the MP3 Audio:  The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Ericka Alston at TEDxHampdenWomen


So I received a Facebook inbox message, because it is my primary means of communication. The message from a woman I had met in networking and I’d met before; no real relationship but connected nonetheless.

And the message said something bizarre, like “you should apply and submit to be a speaker at TEDx. Women need to hear your story”. She went on to say that you’re so inspiring; more people need to hear your story. And I thought, “my story? Me?

She didn’t know my real story and she didn’t know what drove the inspiration. See, through Facebook, I am connected to some 7000 people that I share my thoughts with. But they don’t know from where those thoughts come from — from here because some crazy lady inboxed me and asked me to come.

My story is about a woman — a woman that I met some 19 years ago, on May 26, 1996. And it’s a love story — not a love at first sight story, because I’m not some mushy, yeah not one of those chicks well. I wasn’t until I met Edward. Say hi to Edward.

But it’s a story about a woman that I met on May 26, 1996 and she weighed 86 pounds. You could count her ribs and her cheeks were sucked in and there were dark circles around her eyes. And she looked real bad; she smelled real bad, and she felt real bad. She felt real bad. She is me! But not that me, like not this me, like the me I used to be, like the me I was on May 26, 1996, like the homeless, hopeless, broken me.

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