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Home » Financial Dependency — The Invisible Weapon: Estelle Gibson (Transcript)

Financial Dependency — The Invisible Weapon: Estelle Gibson (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of holistic financial coach Estelle Gibson’s talk titled “Financial Dependency — The Invisible Weapon” at TEDxDayton 2020 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Growing Up With Financial Lessons

I grew up in a family where my father managed all the money, but for some reason when I was eight or nine years old, he started showing me things about money. We would sit at the kitchen table and he’d show me all the bank books. Now that was back in the day before the internet, when we used to have little books that we used to keep our information in. And he would show me how he saved in these accounts and he paid bills out of these.

And every time he would show me something about money, he would end by saying, “And don’t you tell your mother.” Now to this day, I really don’t know why he said that. But what I do know is to that eight-year-old girl sitting at the kitchen table, it meant don’t say a word. Years later when I got my first job, my father said, “You’ll bring me your check and I’ll put it in the bank for you.”

But because of what he had taught me years before, I said, “I’d like my bank book.” And to my surprise, he gave it to me. Right then at 16 years old, I began managing my own money. I went on to college and then to start my new career as a CPA.

But now with student loans, getting an apartment and a new job, I began the rollercoaster ride of accumulating debt, paying it off and accumulating more. Many years later after getting married, I went through an unexpected divorce and I was left with a house I couldn’t afford and bills I couldn’t pay. You might be wondering, how does that happen to someone that’s educated and skilled at managing people’s money? I had reverted back to what I learned growing up, that one person managed all the money.

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