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Home » Gifts of Wounds And Personality Disorders Traits: Fiann Paul (Transcript) 

Gifts of Wounds And Personality Disorders Traits: Fiann Paul (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of Fiann Paul’s talk titled “Gifts of Wounds And Personality Disorders Traits” at TEDxBend conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


“Life’s blade
Deep cuts
Many to burden and dust
Some into diamonds”

I wrote this haiku, and I would like it to indicate that we know a lot about the burden of the wounds that we carry and how we struggle with them. Personality disorders from a social point of view are perceived as something dysfunctional. But I would like to focus on the gifts of wounds and personality disorders traits that I metaphorically related to as diamonds.

And I would like to take us on a journey to find out that maybe some of these traits set someone on a mission to the moon or on a mission to liberate our planet from the trap of fossil fuels. I am an explorer and an endurance athlete, and for a lengthy amount of time, I need to endure environments that look like this.

When I started organizing my own expeditions, I learned what kind of personality traits I am looking for in order to identify the best candidate for a team member, and I was surprised to find out later, when I learned psychology, that all these traits are listed there on the maps of personality disorders.

So I realized that I’m looking for immunity to hardship, compulsion to perform, preference of solitary activities, master at self-preservation. So I basically realized that I am looking for crazy people and that I am cultivating craziness myself, but to be precise: crazy enough, because today, we don’t talk anymore about disorders in the binary mode, as in we have it or we don’t have it. But we are talking about the continuum of the disorder and the traits of the disorder, and we all are somewhere on this continuum.

I decided to highlight here the disorders that offer some gifts – not all of them do, and not everybody manages to harvest them, but many do – and I will focus on these today. I dare to consider that these traits were strictly linked to endurance hunting, and possibly, from the evolutionary perspective, genetically reinforces preferable ones.

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