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Home » Google I/O 2014 – What’s New in Android (Full Transcript)

Google I/O 2014 – What’s New in Android (Full Transcript)

Speakers: Chet Haase, Dan Sandler

As part of the Google I/O 2014 talk sessions, Speakers Chet Haase and Dan Sandler discuss the latest developments in Android technologies and APIs and cover everything that’s new and improved in the Android platform…


Chet Haase – Senior Software Engineer at Google

Good afternoon, and welcome to the first session, right?

What’s New In Android? The session that I like to think of as the Android keynote for the people that couldn’t actually wake up that early. So congratulations for actually waking up this early. We’ll see how it goes.

Yes, well done. Give yourselves a hand. Absolutely. This is a talk that traditionally has been done by me and Romain Guy, who could not make it this year because we didn’t ask him to. Though we did get an appropriate stand-in for Romain. We found someone that can fake a decent French accent.

Dan Sandler – Software engineer Google (Android)

[Speaking French] Eiffel Tower.

Chet Haase: So with that, let’s introduce ourselves, because obviously you have no idea who we are. I am Chet Haase. I am on the UI Toolkit team in Android.

Dan Sandler: I’m Dan Sandler. I’m on the Android System UI team.

Chet Haase: That accent didn’t last very long.

Dan Sandler: It didn’t. I couldn’t.

Chet Haase: All right, so one of the questions that comes up — it just came up at lunchtime, actually, down in the cafeteria — is okay, so there’s an L release. What does L stand for? And I’m here to tell you — can we have like, a drum roll, or something? L if I know.

But for today, we are calling this the L Developer Preview release. We heard about this in the keynote, and we can see by the graphics on the screen that aren’t quite professionally done that it is not a final release. It is instead a preview release where things work pretty well, but it’s not done yet.

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