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Google I/O 2015 Keynote Full Transcript

Full Transcript of the opening day keynote of Google I/O 2015 developer conference held on May 28-29, 2015 in San Francisco.


Sundar Pichai – SVP, Android, Chrome and Apps, Google

Dave Burke – VP of Engineering, Android

David Singleton – Director, Android Wear

Aparna Chennapragada – Director, Google Now

Anil Sabharwal – Director, Google Photos

Jen Fitzpatrick – VP of Engineering

Jason Titus – Senior Director of Engineering

Ellie Powers – Product Manager of Google Play

Clay Bavor – VP, Product Management, Google


Listen to the Audio MP3 here: Google IO 2015 Keynote Full Audio

Operator: Welcome to the stage Senior Vice President of Products, Sundar Pichai.

Sundar Pichai – SVP, Android, Chrome and Apps, Google

Good morning. Welcome to Google I/O 2015. Thank you for joining us today. I know there were long lines. Thank you for making it in. We are being joined by over 2 million people on the live stream. So welcome to all of them as well.

As always, we live-stream I/O to many, many locations around the world, in fact, to over 460 locations in 90 countries across six continents. Let’s say hello to a couple of them. First is to Mexico City. Bienvenidos.

Let’s move on. We are moving to Munich in Germany. Guten Tag.

And finally to a small town, Juja, outside of Nairobi in Kenya. Habari. There’s a college there, and so we have many students joining us. It’s really exciting to be here today. This is, of course, the moment of mobile and the smartphone. We’ve been talking about the mobile revolution for a while. But just since last year, since last year’s I/O, there are over 600 million people who, for the first time, have adopted a smartphone. And they’re beginning the journey of computing. So it’s incredibly special the moment we live in.


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