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Home » How Adaptability Will Help You Deal With Change: Jennifer Jones (Transcript)

How Adaptability Will Help You Deal With Change: Jennifer Jones (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Jennifer Jones’ talk titled “How Adaptability Will Help You Deal With Change” at Jennifer Jones conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Fascination with Change

Change has always fascinated me. We go through so much of it in our lives, me included. My parents divorced, I was widowed in my twenties, I’ve been a single parent, and my whole career has been built around helping others deal with change. Why do we respond to it differently?

How can some people just adapt while others clearly struggle? Let’s face it, the pace of change is not slowing down. Eighty percent of the jobs which will exist in 2025 do not exist today. The average amount of jobs in someone’s lifetime is now six in six different companies.

That’s a lot of change, and given that one-third of the UK workforce is at this moment dealing with an anxiety, well-being, or mental health issue, the data suggests that we’re not coping very well with what’s going on. I believe that we’re going to have to do better at change. I believe that we’re losing the ability to adapt proactively because we’re not taking the time and attention to prepare and develop ourselves. We’re constantly jumping from change to change, acting on impulse, not acting on strategy.

So that’s why I’m on this stage today. My purpose is to help you respond to change how you want to and be the person that you want to be while you do. It all started with a little project to see what made some people adaptable and others not. I researched into theory and academic literature, launched a full-scale review at work of thousands of stories of lives and careers and breakthroughs and insecurities.

The Challenges of Adapting to Change

Naively, I thought it might be easy to begin with, but it wasn’t, and my little project became ten years worth of work. But now I can share with you a formula for success which will help you both in work and out of it. But first of all, let me share with you a couple of insights. During this time, I was working in Australia and I was travelling back and to every couple of months, and I was a single parent at the time, so it required a lot of organisation and planning but also brought with it a lot of tiredness and guilt.

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