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How to Win Friends and Influence People: Tom Hagerman + Friends at TEDxMileHigh (Transcript)

(Music) Thanks. Thanks so much.

Part of the problem with being me – you’re supposed to groan; I don’t have any problems, but – is I never have a band. I’m like that middle-aged bald guy sitting in the park that none of the kids want to play with, for good reasons. But I am lucky to have friends, and I realize that I was billed as Tom Hagerman and friends, which I thinks is great because I’ve got friends and it’s good to have friends.

But I always feel like that connotes one of two things: either we’re all going to go backstage and play Yahtzee and drink orange juice after this set, or we’re going to smoke a ton of pot, listen to some side project of The Grateful Dead and play banjos, neither of which we’re going to do. But I do have friends and it’s nice to have them, so I’d like to introduce them to you.

(Applause) On cello is Evan Shelton; Jeanie Schroder on tuba; Summer Rhodes on viola; Emily Maeda on piano, and Takanori Sugishita on violin. Thank you so much.

We’re going to play a few more tunes and get out of here. Thanks.


This next tune was originally written for- we have a great ballet company here called Wonderbound, and they commissioned a piece of music to be played with 13 string players, and this is sort of a quartet version of the last movement, and it’s called “Lust.” The whole thing was based on the seven deadly sins, which was sort of a choreographed ballet about a wedding, as if it were a Seinfeld episode written by Jean Paul Sartre. So, here is the last movement as a string quartet.


Thank you all for coming, and thank you TED people, volunteers, and everything for having us here. It’s been a real pleasure, and thank you guys for doing this.

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