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I Love Nutritional Science by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Full Transcript)

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Here is the full transcript of Dr. Joel Fuhrman on I Love Nutritional Science at TEDxCharlottesville 2013 conference.

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Author, Physician, Speaker

Thank you. I love nutritional science. I’ve had a passion about nutrition since I was young.

I remember that my father suffered with medical problems and pains, conditions that medical profession couldn’t help him with. And he searched for answers.

Finally, he changed his diet, lost 50 pounds and got well. And in the process of seeing him suffering and searching, I found excitement and developed interest in the subject. He brought 15 nutritional books into the home. And I read them all.

Then in the early 1970s, I was on the United States World Figure Skating team and I got hurt. And I couldn’t walk for over a year. And I spent some time in natural health – kind of natural health retreat, watching people get well who changed their diet styles. And I got excited about what I saw.

I remember at my sister’s graduation party from college. I met an attractive young woman who told me she applied to go to medical school. And I debated with her. I said, “What do you want to go to medical school for?” Doctors mostly prescribe medications for conditions that are a result of the toxic diet Americans are eating. It’s like hitting yourself with a hammer every day and giving your hand a big smash and you get swollen full of pain. And you go to a doctor and get pain medications for it. And the next day you take a big hammer and smack it again.

It’s the toxic American lifestyle that’s resulting in all these diseases, driving peoples into doctors’ offices. The toxic foods we’re eating are the hammer. You don’t go to a doctor if you have breathing problems from smoking cigarettes and gives you a drug to help you breathe better, and you still continue to smoke. That’s what Americans are doing.

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So this young woman said to me, “If you’re so passionate about this subject, why don’t you go to medical school? Why don’t you change things? Why don’t you help people?”

You know, I obviously thought about that and said, “You know, I got to do that”.

I quit my job as an executive in my family’s chain of shoe stores. I went back to the post-graduate pre-medical program at Columbia after college. I went to medical school. And I am here to tell you about the excitement, the rewarding experience and to give you a taste of the things I’ve seen in this and the fun I’ve had. And I want to show you six representative cases of people who changed their life, to show you the power of a Nutritarian diet.

But before I do, let me give you, maybe a two-minute overview of what a Nutritarian diet is. Okay, because a Nutritarian diet is a diet style that’s designed to be rich in nutrients and full of antioxidants and phytochemicals. It’s a diet style with a high nutrient per calorie density. Your healthy life expectancy is determined on the foods you choose to eat. You have to get sufficient nutrient bang for each caloric buck. But you know when you do so, when you flood your body with the nutrients it needs, it doesn’t just make you healthy and live long and prevent disease, it stops food addictions and food cravings and normalizes your appetite and makes you body gravitate towards your ideal weight effortlessly. It’s the secret for most of what ails us.

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