Ishita Katyal: Why You Don’t Have to Wait Till You Grow Up at TEDxBhilwara (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of child author Ishita Katyal’s TEDx Talk: Why You Don’t Have to Wait Till You Grow Up at TEDxBhilwara Conference. Ishita Katyal is the author of Simran’s Diary, born 2005, and TED speaker from Vibgyor High School in Pune. For the full bio, read more here.


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Ishita Katyal – Author of Simran’s Diary

I’m 10 years old today. Yes, today is my birthday. Thank you.

Many times since I was four or five years old, I was asked: what do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question people ask kids. Maybe this question is a way to get to know the kid better but in a way I feel this question has an inherent problem. We are telling children it is OK to wait to do what you want. It diminishes or undermines what the kid is capable of doing today and his or her present identity. We focus only on the dreams and ambitions for the future and forget about the present actions and goals. I believe age is just number. I believe any child is capable of great actions and can touch the lives of others regardless of his or her age. Next time you talk to a child, talk about the present. And the future will take care of itself.

My long experience of life has been of nine years upon today, long enough for me to break the paradigm of the phrase: when I grow up I want to be. Just try and think of the days when you were a young school girl or boy, I’m sure you would remember the many dreams you must have had at that time. One day you would have wanted to be a film star, one you would have wanted to be a doctor, and so it goes on, no permanent role models.

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When I was seven years old, I was sitting in the audience with my mom at a local TEDx event in Pune. I had these wonderful speakers who came up on stage and talked with so much of enthusiasm. To be honest, I did not try to understand what the talks were all about. But it was those stories and experiences shared on the stage which sparked my curiosity. I returned home with a head full of new ideas, dreams and role models.

My mom told me that TEDx is a platform for people to share your ideas that can motivate and inspire others. I could see these speakers feeling so good and the audience was overwhelmed with their ideas. I was really impressed with it. Now for all of the few who have children or will be having them in future, imagine it’s your child who is standing here and not me, how would you feel? I can bet. The feeling would be no less than ‘Wow!’ Those were my thoughts. When I first saw TEDx talk live, I felt that the recognition that the speakers were getting would mean a lot to a small child standing up on the stage, sharing something unusual with the world, it would really uplift their confidence and self-esteem.

I started to think about how it would be so great if my school would include a course on doing something no one has ever done before and sharing it with the world. This will prepare the kids to give talks like I had seen in the forum. No, I did not have the courage to call for such a program in my school. I knew my school is already burdened with a big curriculum and expecting your school to do everything is expecting too much.

But a few months later, while reading a book, I saw [our friends] do Maslow’s study of needs and reading that got me really fired up. I think some of you are already aware of this. Basically this is guy called Abraham Maslow who became famous for his study that certain needs must be met before others. It looks like this: once your needs for food and water are fulfilled, what will be the next set of needs? Security and then to the next. As a child, our parents take care of the bottom two blocks: our security, safety, care, comfort and want but the needs in the top two blocks which are esteemed needs and self-actualizing needs are usually left to be met as the child grows. However, we children have an equal right to realize our full potential and reach the top of the pyramid at an early age. Why not? I visualized that giving a TEDx talk and pushing oneself to do new things will be the perfect way for a child to uplift their confidence and self esteem.

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