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Israel, Hamas, and End Times: Gary Hamrick (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Gary Hamrick’s sermon titled “Israel, Hamas, and End Times” [Ezekiel 38] which was delivered at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA.

In this sermon, Pastor Gary Hamrick discusses the recent Hamas terror attack in Israel, the history and goals of Hamas, the conflict between Palestinians and Jews, the historical context of the land, and the potential connection to biblical prophecies. He emphasizes the tragic nature of the attack, highlights the church’s support for Israel, and urges listeners to pray for the victims and their families. Hamrick also explores the origins and intentions of Hamas, the division of Palestine and Israel, and the current alliance between nations that may relate to biblical prophecies. 

Listen to the audio version here:


For today I’m going to be bringing a message with a biblical perspective relating to current events unfolding in Israel. Why is it important for us to keep our eye on Israel? First, because the Bible is a book about Israel. The Bible records historically things about Israel, and the Bible records prophetically things that are yet to happen in Israel.

In addition of course, God gave a Savior to the world, His name is Jesus, who was born in Israel, died in Israel, rose again in Israel, and by the way is coming again to Israel. And so we need to keep our eye on Jesus.

And so that’s why I’m delving into this, to bring a biblical perspective to what we see happening in the Middle East. Today actually I was supposed to be broadcasting from Israel back here to the church a video for this morning’s teaching, leading a group of a couple hundred from our church, and thankfully we weren’t there when the war broke out. So we thank the Lord for that.

One day before Terri and I were supposed to board an airplane to fly to Israel, on Saturday last week, Saturday, October the 7th, 2023, 1,500 Hamas terrorists penetrated the security fence around Gaza, came into Israel on motorcycles, jeeps, and paragliders from the air, and brutally, savagely murdered Israelis at this music festival in Re’im. And then they went on to raid several kibbutzim along the border there with Gaza, murdering, you’ve heard the stories. I don’t need to go over the details, but it was brutal and there’s nothing to describe it other than using the words pure evil.

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