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Home » Jamie Kern Lima’s Speech at 2024 UVU Commencement (Transcript)

Jamie Kern Lima’s Speech at 2024 UVU Commencement (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of entrepreneur Jamie Kern Lima’s speech at 2024 Utah Valley University Commencement.

Listen to the audio version here:


Jamie Kern Lima – Entrepreneur and Investor

Someone else’s doubt about you is no indication of your potential success. People might call you rejected, and then one day they just might end up calling you boss. No one, no one can tell you your dreams are too big. No one can tell you you are not the right fit.

And one of the most prevalent forms of cancel culture is the one no one talks about. It’s us canceling ourselves before we even try. See, there’s no one else quite like you in the entire universe. And what your soul knows is you’re not crazy, you are just first. I love you. Right back.

Thank you so much President Tuminez, Provost Vaught, UVU Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, and congratulations to the UVU Class of 2024! There are 10,197 of you making up the graduating class, including an unprecedented 3,406 of you, one-third of the entire class who, like me, are first-generation students.

That is amazing! Congratulations! The youngest graduate is 16, the oldest 71. Congratulations to each one of you, you have done it. Turn to the person sitting next to you and say, “You did it! You did it!” Today is the day. Today is the day.

Today is the very first day of this new next chapter of the rest of your life. And I’d like to celebrate and honor this day with you today by asking you three questions. These three questions helped me go from working as a struggling waitress with non-stop self-doubt to believing I was worthy of launching a company in my living room, overcoming hundreds of no’s and rejections for years, and eventually building that company to over 1,000 employees, selling it to L’Oreal in a billion-dollar deal, and becoming the first woman to hold a CEO title of a brand in their more than 100-year history.

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