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Home » Jim Rohn: It All Starts With A Decision To Make A Change In Your Life (Transcript)

Jim Rohn: It All Starts With A Decision To Make A Change In Your Life (Transcript)

Jim Rohn

Notable quote from this talk: 

“When you start changing how you think, how you act, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, when you start responding instead of reacting to life, life will start responding to you.”


To a lot of people, ambition is kind of a mystery. The dictionary says it’s an eager desire for distinction, power or fame.

But what does that really mean?

Well, let’s start with the word EAGER. All by itself, eager is kind of exciting. Kids are eager for their birthday parties. They expect to be the center of attention. Get lots of presents, eat too much.

I guess grown-ups are eager for birthdays, too. Unless, of course, they’re embarrassed that the number of candles on the cake outnumber their achievements.

But we can be eager to see a ballgame. Eager to see our kids in a dance recital. Eager to see an old friend. Eager to shop for a new car. Eager sounds like a lot of fun.

But do you ever hear people say they are eager to live a better life? Eager to have a better family? Eager to make a lot of money?

Probably not.

And that’s a problem, because how I see it living a better life, having a better family and making a lot of money takes an eager desire.

We have the remarkable ability to get exactly what we must have. But there is a difference between wishes and desires. We’ve all heard people say, oh, I wish I could just drop five pounds. I want to be a little lighter. And we’ve probably set it ourselves, especially after a big holiday dinner of turkey and homemade pie; and every other thing we can possibly stuff ourselves with in one eight hour period of time.

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