Kelly McGonigal on The Willpower Instinct – Talks at Google (Full Transcript)

Author and Stanford health psychologist Kelly McGonigal on The Willpower Instinct – Talks at Google Transcript. This event took place on January 26, 2012 at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

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Announcer: I’m delighted to welcome to the Googleplex, Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist at Stanford University and the author of a new book, The Willpower Instinct. So in life, sometimes we struggle with choices and accomplishing goals and we often believe that sheer willpower will get us there. But much of what we believe and know about willpower could actually be wrong, or that’s what Kelly discovered in working with students at Stanford University where she teaches at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Stanford Center for Compassion.

So she created a course called the Science of Willpower at Stanford School of Continuing Studies and it became one of the most popular courses at the school and went on to become a hugely successful blog at Psychology Today and now a book which you can get your hands on at the end of this talk. And Kelly said, if she has her way, it’ll soon be an action figure and an action movie, too.

Kelly McGonigal – Author and Stanford health psychologist


Announcer: So today Kelly is going to talk about how we can accomplish the array of goals that we often struggle to get done. It might be a healthier lifestyle, it might be life of greater productivity or sometimes something as simple as having waited for 6 months, finally, finally, finally clearing out the closet. So please help me welcome Kelly McGonigal.

Kelly McGonigal – Author and Stanford health psychologist

Thank you. Hello. I’ve been giving a lot of talks this last month and a lot about New Year’s resolutions and I have to say this is the first place I’ve talked where there was apparently a healthy code resolution going on. Is that right? Did I see these signs right? So who’s still keeping their healthy code resolution? Anyone? Good, congratulations you’ve got some willpower.

Why don’t you tell me just to sort of get things rolling, tell me something that has challenged your willpower today? Anyone?

Audience: Getting up on time.

Kelly McGonigal: Getting up on time.

Audience: Washing the dishes.

Kelly McGonigal: Washing the dishes. Okay, so we’ve got two kinds of “I Will-Power” challenges. Something you have to make yourself do even though it’d be a little bit easier to just not do it. Something else? Yeah?

Audience: Doing yoga for back pain.

Kelly McGonigal: Doing yoga for back pain. Well, I’m glad to hear that. Were you at my talk two years ago about yoga for pain? That’s great. Another “I Will” challenge. Something else, yeah?

Audience: [Inaudible]

Kelly McGonigal: Yeah, so an example of “I Won’t” power. There’s all these links you could follow and you could just click and get lost down the link hole and you have to find the ability to resist that temptation. Maybe one or two more? Anything? Back row, any willpower challenges?

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