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Home » Les Brown: You Have Greatness within You – Seminar of The Century (Full Transcript)

Les Brown: You Have Greatness within You – Seminar of The Century (Full Transcript)

Les Brown

Watch and read here the full transcript of the powerful motivational speaker Les Brown’s speech: You Have Greatness within You. The title is also called: Step Into Your Greatness.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: you-have-greatness-within-you-seminar-of-the-century-les-brown


T Harv Eker – Author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Can it get any more incredible? Yes?

Audience: Yes!

T Harv Eker: It’s all incredible. It’s all wonderful. You know, the people who are on this stage, for the most part, they are handpicked. All the trainers have been handpicked by me, and this next person that I want to bring up here, oh, man, this guy is going to light a fire under your ass. This guy can resonate. All right. He can bring the house, all of it. He is a renowned professional speaker and author, a television personality. He has a high, high-energy message that really has people shake off mediocrity. Shake off what?

Audience: Mediocrity.

T Harv Eker: And live up to their true greatness. He has been honored with award after award after award after award after award, and he’s been touted as one of the world’s top five speakers by Toastmasters International in all time. Good or good?

Audience: Good.

T Harv Eker: He was actually awarded an Emmy, an Emmy for one of his recorded speech presentations, and he has become a leading fundraiser with PBS. With who?

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