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Lessons from My Father, Alexey Navalny: Dasha Navalnaya (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Dasha Navalnaya’s talk titled “Lessons from My Father, Alexey Navalny” at TEDWomen 2023 conference.

Dasha Navalnaya’s talk, “Lessons from My Father, Alexey Navalny,” is a poignant narrative that underscores the personal and political struggles faced by the family of Alexey Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition leader imprisoned for his activism. She shares the emotional toll of her father’s imprisonment, fearing he might miss significant life events like her graduation and wedding.

Dasha recounts a harrowing experience on August 20, 2020, when her father was poisoned, highlighting the dangers faced by those who oppose the Russian government. The talk delves into the work of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by Navalny, showcasing its efforts in exposing government corruption and mobilizing public support against Putin’s regime. She emphasizes the power of unity and collective action in challenging authoritarianism, drawing on her father’s chant, “One for all and all for one.”

Dasha appeals to the international community to recognize and act against the threats posed by the Russian government, emphasizing the global implications of inaction. Through her narrative, Dasha Navalnaya not only pays tribute to her father’s courage and principles but also calls for continued resistance against tyranny and for the support of democratic values worldwide.

Listen to the audio version here:


Early Days and Personal Impact

This week, on Sunday, Alexey Navalny — politician, opposition leader, and my father — will have been in prison for 1,000 days. Almost three years. I miss him every single day. I’m scared that my father won’t be able to come to my graduation ceremony or walk me down the aisle at my wedding. But if being my father’s daughter has taught me anything, it is to never succumb to fear and sadness. And I’ve experienced both fear and sadness.

One of the most fearful moments of my short yet eventful life was on August 20, 2020. That day, I woke up in my childhood bedroom in Moscow. Like many of us do first thing in the morning, I rolled over to the bedside table and reached for my phone. I looked at the screen and was surprised at how many notifications I had: Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, you name it.

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