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Life is Beautiful!

Today my daughter, CHANGKHONBI,  completes 2 years on this beautiful planet Earth. And it’s been an amazing journey for me too, after all. And I want to jot down a few thoughts for her on this auspicious day, so that when she grows old enough some day, she’ll be able to read it for herself.

O Dear, Born of my blood,
It’s your 2 years on Earth.
Today I share the truths of life
That you’ll heed to as you grow

Be like a Candle
That lights the Darkness
Be like a Tree
That grows tall, yet so humbled
Love like an Ocean
That knows no boundaries

Don’t postpone your Happiness
It’s right here and now.
Trust your voice inside
It’s who you really are.
Problems will follow like a shadow
Know that every night has its dawn.

Don’t consider yourself small
Because you’re always bigger inside.
Don’t waste your time comparing
Because you’re unique and special.
Build your inner world a beautiful place
Everything else in life is secondary.

Smile as often as you can
It’s the doorway to happiness.
This world is a beautiful place
And it always will be.
At the end of the day,
Be able to say --
Life is beautiful.


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