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Mind is Everything: Dr. David Hendricks (Transcript)

Dr David Hendricks at TEDxTraverseCity

Full text of Buddhist practitioner Dr. David Hendricks’ talk: Mind is Everything at TEDxTraverseCity conference.

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(Announcer) Please welcome to the stage Dr. David Hendricks.

Dr. David Hendricks

Tashi delek – that’s how you say hello in Tibetan.

Today I’m really happy to be here to share thoughts that have been on my mind every day since 1989.

My talk today, I hope, you will find some benefit in. That’s the basic motivation I have in talking to you today.

And the subject matter of my talk is going to appear to you today just to be a little bit on the academic side, and there’s a reason for that.

Before my own recovery, the only emotions that were easy for me to access were anger and depression. And one of the true gifts of my recovery was the ability to access a full range of emotional responses. And I haven’t yet got the hang of all of the more tender emotions, so I tend to break into tears easily.

So staying on the academic side is the best thing for a macho man like me so I don’t break down in front of you.

So, the other thing I want to say is that even though the presentation may seem at points academic, it has a deep soulful purpose, because it’s been my passionate intention over the years to try to relieve the suffering of addiction particularly, but also mental illness.

Before I start, the last thing I’d like to say is that I’d like to dedicate this talk today to my old Buddhist teacher, who died last year.

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