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Machine Learning as a Service: Platforms that Promise to Change the World

Machine learning or ML is changing our everyday life. Nowadays, software engineers tend to integrate this powerful technology into the development process. ML can make application building more profitable and smarter. 

Such enterprises as Google and Microsoft have already created machine learning platforms. As a result, the developers got an opportunity to implement artificial intelligence features into the software they create.

In our article, we will discuss several popular machine learning platforms as well as study application where this technology has been already integrated.

What is MLaaS?

Machine learning as a service or MLaaS tends to handle matters connected with the infrastructure. As a result, software engineers shouldn’t mess up with model training and evaluation. 

Simply saying, ML as service defines different cloud-based platforms that tend to work with such issues as data processing, model training, and model evaluation.

Moreover, MLaaS providers offer various tools such as data visualization, APIs, face recognition, predictive analysis, and so on. 

There are several powerful examples of MLaaS in the IT market. For instance, such tools as Amazon Machine Learning service, Google Prediction, and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning don’t require much technical knowledge for getting started with them. 

Top Machine Learning Platforms

There are several platforms that we’ll discuss as examples of successful machine learning integration.

1. Amazon Machine Learning

This service is one of the leaders in the market. It’s a perfect solution for the projects that have strict deadlines. However, the level of automation of this service causes some limitation-related issues. As a result, we can’t call it the most flexible ML service in the IT market.

There are a lot of use cases of Amazon machine learning platform. They vary from the classification of documents to detection of frauds. Moreover, Amazon ML service provides SDKs for different programming languages such as Ruby, Node.js, Java, and so on. 

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