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Mike Rowe: Learning From Dirty Jobs (Full Transcript)

Mike Rowe

Here is the full transcript of CEO of MikeRoweWorks Foundation, Mike Rowe’s TED Talk: Learning From Dirty Jobs…

Mike Rowe – CEO of MikeRoweWorks Foundation

The “Dirty Jobs” crew and I were called to a little town in Colorado, called Craig. It’s only a couple dozen square miles. It’s in the Rockies.

And the job in question was sheep rancher. My role on the show, for those of you who haven’t seen it — it’s pretty simple. I’m an apprentice, and I work with the people who do the jobs in question. And my responsibilities are to simply try and keep up, and give an honest account of what it’s like to be these people for one day in their life.

The job in question: herding sheep. Great! We go to Craig and we check into a hotel, and I realize the next day that castration is going to be an absolute part of this work. Normally, I never do any research at all. But this is a touchy subject, and I work for the Discovery Channel, and we want to portray accurately whatever it is we do.

And we certainly want to do it with a lot of respect for the animals. So I call the Humane Society and I say, “Look, I’m going to be castrating some lambs. Can you tell me the deal?”

And they’re like, “Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward.” They use a band, basically, a rubber band, like this, only a little smaller. This one was actually around the playing cards I got yesterday — But it had a certain familiarity to it.

And I said, “Well, what exactly is the process?”

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