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Home » Obama at ASU 2012 Commencement Speech with intro by Michael Crow (Full Transcript)

Obama at ASU 2012 Commencement Speech with intro by Michael Crow (Full Transcript)

Barack Obama

Here is the full transcript of President Obama’s commencement speech at Arizona State University (with intro by Michael Crow). The event took place on May, 13, 2009.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Obama at ASU Commencement Speech with intro by Michael Crow

Michael Crow – President, Arizona State University

Now my job is a very difficult one. How do you introduce a person that everyone already knows?

But nonetheless I want to put the President’s introduction in the context, because I found myself the last few weeks studying his syllabi, from his classes and looking at grading mechanisms that he had in place, and looking at a number of things that he’s written, and it’s a fantastic story.

So it is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you – and I am going to walk through this – our President. Let me begin with the following:

Hold on. Let me walk through why the President’s visit here is so important for this institution, for this state and for our country. Barack Obama is a man of intellect devoted to the common good which is a rare thing, a rare thing. Barack Obama is a man whose journey from boyhood teaches us all about the power of a single life with purpose and each of our graduates should remember this. Barack Obama is a man whose understanding of the dream of, and for America knows no limit. That dream often about a limitless America, however, comes from a different point of view often. It comes from those that have benefitted from economic success of their parents, or the social status of their family, and sometimes those that view the limitless dream of the United States have a fanciful view of our history, a view that’s often inaccurate.

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