Oh My…Manipur CM seeks 20,000 Crores from 14th Finance Commission! What For?

Manipur is a remote small state located in the northeastern part of India. Its total population according to the latest 2011 census comes to around 25 plus lakhs. Now the chief minister of the state sought 20,000 crores from the 14th Finance Commission which is mind baffling especially considering the size and population of the state. Yes, Manipur is one of the economically handicapped states in India with little or no industrial landscape and resources. And so the ‘poor’ state of Manipur — [But if you come to Manipur on a trip, at the end of your trip, you will finally conclude that Manipur is not poor indeed] — continues to survive and thrive on funds, or should I call it, ‘charity money’ from the Central Government.

Let me tell you, Manipur have enough and sufficient resources, talented and resourceful pool of workforce available. But the only question remains, only if the government of the state cares enough to give them the opportunities for these people. The apathy and indifference of the state government towards its people and its pool of resources has only made the state to come to such a pitiable pass. And still the question still remains, how much of the 20,000 crores, will he actually use for the developmental works and welfare of the people of Manipur? Or Is it actually a demand from the center for the ruling parties itself and not for the people? For sure, it’s not for the people; it’s for the ‘political’ people.

20,000 crores is a huge sum of money for a small state like Manipur. I will be glad even if half of the money is used for the developmental works and welfare of the people of the state. Still, it’s a huge sum of money, you know. But very sadly and unfortunately, 95% of it is going to be for political parties only but 5% or less may go to the public at last.

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And consider for a moment, Manipur has around 25 plus lakh people in total. And if CM instead, by a sheer intervention of the providence in the wildest dream of an optimist like me, benevolently distributes even half of the money to the public — there are 60 constituencies in the state — Manipur will be a rich state and people will be happy instead.

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