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Panasonic IFA 2014 Press Conference at Berlin (Full Transcript)

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Panasonic held its press conference at IFA 2014 consumer electronics show held in Berlin, Germany this year. The Europe’s biggest CES was held this year from September 05 to 10, 2014. Here is the full transcript of the Panasonic IFA 2014 press conference…



Patrice Bouédibéla

Good afternoon and welcome to IFA and Panasonic’s press conference here in Berlin. My name is Patrice Bouédibéla and we’ve got a great show for you today, so let’s get started.

But before we start with our first speaker, let me give you a sneak preview about the final 15 minutes because we will have an exciting announcement towards the end. In fact, I would even bet it will be one of the hottest topics of the IFA this year. So stay tuned.

Now let’s start the first presentation.

Panasonic is more diverse than perhaps you would have expected from an electronics company. As we all know, it is most famous here in Europe for its product development in the consumer electronics sector. Yet, over the past 18 to 24 months, the company has been integrating and cross-pollinating its expertise in its consumer electronics elsewhere across the company. Very shortly, we will be hearing examples of how Panasonic has achieved this, and how it’s once again leading the way in the development of innovative technologies for home and car and wider settings such as a whole town.

It really is interesting to see how a company steeped in a consumer heritage is able to use its expertise and transfer it to other sectors.

So without further ado, let’s welcome Panasonic’s Chairman and CEO for Europe, Laurent Abadie.

Laurent Abadie – Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe

Thank you, Patrice. Welcome everyone, and this is a very important issue for us, this IFA 2014. In fact, in the space of just one year, our business has strengthened and changed a lot. We are on the road of recovery. Our recent quarterly results were strong with solid sales supporting a substantial increase in operating profit, in fact, 28% compared to the same quarter last year.

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As for growth, we continue to build our business in key areas, such as within the home and automotive sectors, as well as within technologies that support whole towns. When developing any new solution or technology for these areas, we ensure that our expertise in consumer electronics remains at the core of our business, so that the end user – the consumer – is always at the front of our minds.

Let me show you what we have achieved in the last year. Let’s take a look at the town. Today’s society faces a number of problems such as food and water shortages, aging population, and global warming. As a result, the challenges we need to overcome concern the management of energy and keeping people safe and connected.

Take Fujisawa: a technology-driven town located about 50km west of Tokyo. It is a smart city and Panasonic is working with partners to develop technologies that help to enhance residents’ lifestyles. Let’s watch now a short video.

[Video Presentation: The Fujisawa Smart Sustainable Town Project was kicked off in May 2011 to create living spaces for 1,000 households. The town is built on the site of a former Panasonic TV factory, 50km west of Tokyo.

“Hello everyone and welcome in Fujisawa, our smart, sustainable town. The first residents I’ve just moved in a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, there are still some areas that are under construction. A town that lives and evolves like Panasonic”.

The heart of Fujisawa is where the community center is located. Here residents interact with Panasonic to exchange ideas for future lifestyles.

“All the smart houses here will adopt Panasonic’s smart energy management concept. Along with all these solar panels on the roofs, you can also see the Panasonic storage batteries are in place to store the energy for use in the evening. Energy saving is a key consideration here in Fujisawa. In terms of safety, we have security cameras installed in the city. In addition, because Japan is a seismic-sensitive region, we’ve also created a smart station that will serve as a shelter in case of an emergency”.

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