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Home » Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom – Kalliope Barlis (Transcript)

Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom – Kalliope Barlis (Transcript)

Here is the transcript of Kalliope Barlis’ talk titled “Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom” at TEDxWilmingtonWomen conference.

Author Kalliope Barlis’ talk, “Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom,” delves into the profound impact that phobias have on individuals’ lives, emphasizing the natural human inclination towards fear and the potential for overcoming it. She explores the concept that while some fears protect us, others, deemed as phobias, unnecessarily hinder our life experiences.

Through engaging storytelling, Barlis shares personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate how irrational fears can be confronted and managed. She introduces practical techniques derived from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), showcasing how changing our perception of fear can lead to significant emotional and behavioral shifts. The talk is particularly memorable for its interactive segment where a volunteer from the audience confronts their fear of balloons, demonstrating Barlis’ methods in real-time.

This transformation, from fear to freedom, is portrayed not just as a possibility but as an attainable goal with the right approach. Barlis’ message is clear: by reprogramming how we think about our fears, we can change how we feel and act, opening up a path to a more liberated and fulfilling life.

Listen to the audio version here:


As you learn new things every day, can you think of some feeling most of us have at least one of, yet some of us rise above? I can hear the buzzing of your thoughts already. And the truth is, you’re right, no matter what you think the answer is, because so many of us have a natural need to believe, to be right about what we believe to be true, even if it’s not the truth. And for these next moments we have together, I’m going to be talking about those unreasonable, uncontrollable, obsessive fears called phobias.

And in just a few minutes, I’m going to ask for a volunteer on stage, because too often it’s those bad memories, those unreasonable fears that distract and deprive us from the life we deserve, while other fears are worth keeping because they maintain our safety.

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