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Home » Pornography Isn’t Your Problem: Jason Mahr at TEDxCincinnati (Transcript)

Pornography Isn’t Your Problem: Jason Mahr at TEDxCincinnati (Transcript)

Jason Mahr

Jason Mahr – Author, Speaker, Mentor

Have you ever lived a lie? What kind of impact did it make on you? And on the lives of others around you? For the past 20 years or so, for the better part of the last 20 years, I’ve been a pastor. I’m a religious man, I’m a family man, a man of faith, and by admission, I’m a total hypocrite. That’s right. I preached to people for years, trying to get them to follow a strict set of rules that I wasn’t even willing to abide by. And that’s not the worst part.

As a pastor, I was trying my best to make a positive impact in the lives of others, but secretly I was involved in a relationship that was taking over my life. It was leaving me wounded and depressed, unable to even manage the relationships that mattered to me. So the best thing that could have happened was when I ended the relationship. In a spirit of full disclosure, and to make things as awkward as possible, I’m actually going to read to you a few portions of the breakup letter I wrote for the relationship.

It goes like this: “When we first met, it was just like any new and even secret dating relationship: lots of attention, obsession, that constant feeling of being on a high. I really couldn’t get enough of you because you were always there to pick me up when I felt down. But then things changed.

Even though you always were able to make me feel good physically, you had this way about you that made me feel terrible about myself inside. And then came the realization that you were lying to me. I realized you weren’t even faithful to me: You were in a relationship with almost all of my friends. I was a fool to let you into my life and to believe your lies.

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