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Home » Putting Visual Mantra to Work For You: Mandy Straight at TEDxMileHigh (Transcript)

Putting Visual Mantra to Work For You: Mandy Straight at TEDxMileHigh (Transcript)

Mandy Straight

Mandy Straight – TRANSCRIPT

Magic is the art of influencing events and producing marvels. What if I could give you a tool that could transform your life? Something that could make you happier, more fulfilled, something that could remind you where you come from, help you appreciate who you are, and inspire who you are becoming? That would be pretty marvelous, yes? The tool that I have to offer you today that can do all of this is what I call visual mantra.

Now, we’ve all heard of mantras. It’s the stuff of Buddha, yogis, and all those woo-woo people, right? But a mantra is a word from Sanskrit simply meaning a repeated instrument of thought. Mantras help us focus our attentions on conscious intentions through repetition. Psychologists agree that we all have repetitive mental processes, or self talk. Tony Robbins calls them affirmations, and since we’re here at TED, we can be formal and call it intrapersonal communication.

Regardless of the term that you use, repetition is powerful, for good and for bad. Repetition of input over time forms our behaviors, literally creating who we are and who we are becoming. Repetition helps us see where we are going in life. Just ask Pavlov. Who has time to be getting in all of these repetitions all the time? I want a fast track.

I want a way to be more efficient about my mantra repetition. Confucius said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Okay, it wasn’t actually Confucius who said this; It was a newspaper editor from the 1920s named Arthur Brisbane. Arthur also knew the power of repetition, so he attributed this to a Chinese proverb, and later to Confucius, just to give it more authority. So I’ll do the same.

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