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Reimagine Retirement: Jeremy Jacobson (Full Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Jeremy Jacobson’s talk titled “Reimagine Retirement” at TEDxFolsom 2023 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


To any outside observer, my family’s life is indistinguishable from that of our neighbors. We live here in Folsom, just a few minutes from this theater up by the lake. For those not familiar with the area, our neighborhood is largely four-bedroom houses, three-car garages, backyard swimming pools. We have two kids, ages seven and two.

We do all the normal kid things, school, summer camp, I coach their sports teams, we vacation in Hawaii, we sail, we ski, we’ll go to TED Talks. We live a fairly comfortable middle-class, maybe even upper-middle-class lifestyle. The only real difference between us and our neighbors is that I retired over ten years ago while still in my thirties. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people work towards a similar goal of financial independence and early retirement, and I hope to make that hundreds of thousands, if not millions more.

Redefining Retirement

Perhaps you’ll be one of them. For most people, retirement is something that you plan for after the age of 65. We exchange the briefcase or the tool belt for a set of golf clubs or a porch suite. Life’s focus shifts from labor to leisure.

I view retirement through a completely different lens. Retirement is what enables people to pursue their passions, whatever that may be, completely independent of the need to earn a living, and best when done with the health and energy of youth. How many hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations have been put on hold or cast aside entirely simply because of the need to make ends meet? How much better could the world be if more people were able to pursue the things they truly loved?

The Awakening

This leads us to the question of how. How do I, a normal person from a normal family with a normal job and income, how do I accumulate enough money to fund my desired lifestyle without work for a lifetime? When you say it that way, it kind of sounds like a big deal. I started asking myself these questions, related questions, when I took my first real vacation as an adult at the age of 28.

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