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Home » Sell Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way by Carmine Gallo (Transcript)

Sell Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way by Carmine Gallo (Transcript)

Carmine Gallo

Here is the full transcript of Carmine Gallo’s talk titled “Sell Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way.”

In this talk at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Carmine Gallo discusses his ‘New Rules of Persuasive Presentations’ which is how to sell your ideas effectively, just as Steve Jobs did…


Good afternoon. Thank you, thanks for inviting me.

Today I want to help all of you sell your ideas the Steve Jobs way. I’d like to call this the New Rules of Persuasive Presentations. Because I think too, a lot of you, these techniques will be new, or at least maybe it’s a new way of looking at an old problem, which is how do we sell our ideas effectively?

As graduate students at Stanford, you all have ideas to share. You have ideas for new products, new businesses, new methods, new ways of doing things, ideas that are going to change the world. Some people are better than others at telling their story. Steve Jobs, for example, is an extraordinary storyteller.

He’s so exceptional, in fact, I wrote an entire book on him. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

Now this book I am proud to say has become an international bestseller. And companies around the world, companies that recruit from Stanford are using some of these techniques to completely transform the way they communicate the vision behind their companies.

How many of you were here when Alan Mullaly spoke, CEO Ford, last week? Alan called me personally last year, called me on my cell phone, I was actually in the gym at the time on my treadmill. Kind of embarrassing, I’m running out thinking, why is this guy calling from Detroit?

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