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Home » Seven Habits of Highly Creative People: Dr. Pavan Soni (Transcript)

Seven Habits of Highly Creative People: Dr. Pavan Soni (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Dr. Pavan Soni’s talk titled “Seven Habits of Highly Creative People” at TEDxIBSPune conference.

Innovation evangelist Dr. Pavan Soni’s talk, “Seven Habits of Highly Creative People,” highlights the importance of nurturing creativity through specific habits. He emphasizes the value of taking half chances, as exemplified by M.S. Dhoni, to develop a quick reaction time and muscle memory through continuous practice.

Soni discusses the significance of engaging in experiments, drawing from neurology to illustrate how creative solutions can emerge from simple, cost-effective methods, such as the “mirror box” experiment for phantom limb syndrome. He critiques the confusion between seriousness and sincerity in professional environments, advocating for a more playful and experimental approach to life and work.

Soni suggests that creativity can be cultivated much like stamina, through deliberate practice and the adoption of certain habits. He encourages the audience to embrace randomness and use it as a source of inspiration and learning. Lastly, Soni calls on the audience to adopt at least one creative habit or hobby, underscoring the talk’s message that creativity is accessible and vital for everyone.

Listen to the audio version here:


So, thank you very much; it’s an absolute privilege to talk about creativity, and today’s tomorrow is creativity. With the advent with which machines are taking over the piece of work we are supposed to do, it’s important that humans carve out the niche that we have left far behind. I strongly propose that humans are the agent of creation.

There’s nothing better than creation that we are supposed to do. You’re not supposed to be as efficient as machines are, and in the fight that we have between humans and machines, eventually, machines will take over. So, what I’m proposing to all of you today are the habits of highly creative individuals.

What I use of phrase is “habits.” These are habits, the way successful people have a few habits, even creative people have a set of habits and the way habits can be cultivated. My resolution to all of you would be that let us see if you can cultivate some of these habits. But even before I delve into that, I would like to propose a working definition of what is creativity. Because as students, employees, et al., we often confuse these two phrases, what is creativity and what is innovation.

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