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Home » Steve Ilardi on Brain Chemistry Lifehacks at TEDxKC (Full Transcript)

Steve Ilardi on Brain Chemistry Lifehacks at TEDxKC (Full Transcript)

Steve Ilardi

Here is the full transcript of Steve Ilardi, associate professor of psychology, on Brain Chemistry Lifehacks at TEDxKC Conference.

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Right now, standing on this stage, by speaking these words, I’m changing your brain. And I know, it sounds like a superpower but you have it, too, you’re changing my brain just by being here.

Now, it all hinges on the single most important thing that I’ve ever learned as a clinical neuroscientist, and here it is: experience changes the brain. Your brain is exquisitely designed to respond, to adapt to every experience you’ll ever have, every thought, emotion, action, perception, all of it leaves an impact on your brain. This simple insight can completely reshape our intuitions about mental illness and about chemical imbalance, and at the same time, it yields some simple and elegant lifehacks any of us can use to enhance brain function. So let’s see how this works.

Today we’re all gathered to bask in the warm glow of TED. Unfortunately, our bodies, your bodies, will spend most of this time just sitting, and that’s a problem because as you might have heard sitting is the smoking of our generation. Physical inactivity, it doesn’t just take a toll on our hearts, our lungs, and yes, our fat cells, it also takes a toll on the brain.

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