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Home » Surprising Truths About Legalizing Cannabis: Ben Cort (Full Transcript)

Surprising Truths About Legalizing Cannabis: Ben Cort (Full Transcript)

Ben Cort

focuses on marijuana education and consulting in the substance use disorder treatment field.

Here is the full text of addiction treatment specialist Ben Cort’s talk titled “Surprising Truths About Legalizing Cannabis” at TEDxMileHigh conference.

Ben Cort – TEDxMileHigh 2018 TRANSCRIPT

Hey, look, if you guys are anything like me, you have found it harder and harder to turn around recently without seeing words like “free-range,” “farm-to-table,” “organically-produced,” especially here in Colorado.

Now, as we’ve become more conscientious of the way that we eat in recent years, these once unfamiliar words have worked their way into our daily lexicon.

When we started to pay more attention to the way that the food we were eating interacted with our bodies and with the earth, the food industry had to listen. And the results have been really powerful. Words like “all-natural” and “homegrown” are not just being used in our diets, there’s this whole new industry using this language now.

Now, those of you out there from states like Washington and Oregon, and of course my fellow Coloradans, y’all know what I’m talking about – it’s weed. An industry that taxed the sale of about $6 billion of product in 2016.

So what if I were to propose to you that some of what you think you know about this “legalized marijuana” thing could be wrong? Listen, I get it. Talking about issues with legal weed is a pretty quick way to get uninvited from the cool kids’ table. I know that better than most.

But I intend to do it anyway. First, before I get started, let me be perfectly clear about one thing. My fight is not against the casual, adult use of marijuana. I don’t care about that.

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