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Home » The 7 Minute Principle: Brye Balla at TEDxYouth@Lancaster (Transcript)

The 7 Minute Principle: Brye Balla at TEDxYouth@Lancaster (Transcript)

Brye Balla


Recently, doctors at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, conducted a study in which they found that, after death, the human brain is still active for approximately seven minutes. Some people believe these seven minutes may be what is called seeing your life flash before your eyes.

In seven minutes, you see every moment that has comprised your entire life. Now, let’s say that today, for whatever reason, you were to experience these seven minutes. Imagine with me: What moments would make you feel specifically proud? What moments would make you say, “I remember this, I’m proud of this, this makes me happy”? What moments would make you feel less than proud? Obviously, we would want to re-experience more positive moments than negative ones. We’ll call this the seven-minute principle. I’ll give you an example.

Me. If I were to die today, I’d have plenty of positive memories to look back upon, moments to laugh about and to make me feel content with my life. Regretfully, the power of these moments would be less than that of the negative ones, moments when I fell down and felt that there was no one to help me back up. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for approximately five years of my already short life. I have suffered through many sleepless and cold nights.

I thought that I might never truly be my happy self again. Every once in a while I’d have a good day, but even the best of days could not brighten my life for more than that, a day. While I was making plenty of new friends, I felt I was not connected to any of them in a way that felt like true friendship. I became very distant from many people, keeping a very tight circle of friends, and as this circle of friends would do, as many other friends had done, become distant, I felt that I had no one to turn to. Sure, I had friends, but none that I felt I could share that deep connection with.

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