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Home » The Future Of Syria Depends On One Thing: Muzoon Rakan Almellehan at TEDxTeen (Transcript)

The Future Of Syria Depends On One Thing: Muzoon Rakan Almellehan at TEDxTeen (Transcript)

Muzoon Rakan Almellehan

Muzoon Rakan Almellehan – TRANSCRIPT

Refugees are normal people, just like you, just like me. I have never ever thought I will become a refugee. When the war began in Syria, everything changed upside down. There was no hope. There was no future.

When my dad saw that, we cannot go to school properly. We cannot get our basic needs. He cannot go to his work, as a teacher. He decided that to flee our home, to go to Jordan, to live in a refugee camp; we had no choice but definitely I was really sad. I was crying all the time. I didn’t want to flee my home, to leave everything behind: my friends, my relatives, my country where I was born, especially my school. I thought I cannot continue my education in a place like the camp.

And when my dad said “Don’t bring heavy things with you; just we want to take with us and pick up the most important things that we need.” I didn’t listen. I picked up with me my school books and they didn’t bring anything with me to the refugee camp, just my books.

When we were on our way to Jordan, and we had to walk for 3 hours to get in the border with Jordan, my dad saw me I was struggling to carry my bag, and he said “Let me carry it and yes, you cannot carry it”. And when he carried that bag and he said “It’s really heavy; what did you bring?” I said I brought my books. He just said “You are crazy. Why you brought your books. You don’t need them.” I told my dad, “If I didn’t find school in a refugee camp I will study by those books.” These books are my power. These books are my future.

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