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Home » The Gift of Near Death: Lewis Brown Griggs (Transcript) 

The Gift of Near Death: Lewis Brown Griggs (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of Lewis Brown Griggs’ talk titled “The Gift of Near Death” at  TEDxAmericanRiviera 2012 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Death and Spiritual Growth

Hello, I get to not only talk with you, but have you think and feel about perhaps the most unthinkable and the most unexpected experience certainly I’ve ever had and maybe some of you have had also, and that is death. Think about that. And not only the moments before death, which probably feel like pain and severe crisis, but we’re going to go to the experience after death and returning back after death and even recovery from what caused the death.

And can you imagine that the most unthinkable and the most painful and negative experience in our perception might actually be the most positive learning possible in one’s life and after life, and might even help us grow more fully than even all the other learnings and crises and have more gratitude for what was learned? Imagine that. I have had that experience. In fact, twice. I guess I didn’t learn enough the first time.

So first imagine this moment of death in your own body, in your own spirit, in your own mind. And those of you who have been there can do this easily with me. Those of you who have not, literally imagine it. Is there pain? We’re talking about as you leave now. Is there pain? Is there release? Is there grief? Is there joy?

Pure Bliss at the Moment of Death

I want to assure you, and all of us who have been out and back want to assure you that the precise moment is nothing but pure bliss, pure release, pure joy, pure love, pure light. And if you can stand it here, none of all of the words together is enough to describe it. Okay?

And on March 11th, ’77, I had that experience of totaling my automobile and I have perfect memory of all that I’m now going to describe to you. Imagine what you can hear to be able to be in your memory and as clear as I’m looking at you today. In a totaled automobile, upon the moment of impact, my spirit left immediately and went flying up the little white tornado, the best metaphor I have, and immediately left behind the automobile and my body.

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