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Home » The Psychology of Trust: Anne Böckler-Raettig (Full Transcript)

The Psychology of Trust: Anne Böckler-Raettig (Full Transcript)

Anne Böckler-Raettig

Full transcript of professor Anne Böckler-Raettig’s TEDx Talk: The Psychology of Trust at TEDxFrankfurt conference.


Anne Böckler-Raettig – Professor of Psychology 

When I was a child, I remember playing outside and out of my parents’ sight for hours.

The neighbors’ kids, my little brother and I, we would climb trees in the woods, build hideouts, wade in the river, meet new friends, and only much later did it strike me how much trust this must have required on my parents’ side.

Trust in the people we would meet, trust in the older kids, but also trust in me. I often wondered whether and how their trust possibly influenced me.

Then I grew up, I became a cognitive psychologist, and now I investigate the processes that enable us humans to coordinate and cooperate with one another.

And again I look at trust, and I noticed that trust really is a key component in our social lives. I want to share insights with you, insights from psychology, social neuroscience and behavioral economics, to back up my three favorite points about trust.

That is that trust can be difficult. Trust is dynamic and most of all, trust is indispensable. Especially when we don’t know people well, when we meet strangers for the first time, deciding whom to trust really can be a challenge. Nonetheless, we humans make this decision often within a few hundred milliseconds.

But what do we base this important decision on?

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