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Home » The Secret to Being Enough: Nadine Machkovech (Full Transcript)

The Secret to Being Enough: Nadine Machkovech (Full Transcript)

Nadine Machkovech

Nadine Machkovech is a certified recovery coach and educator in long-term recovery. As a scholar of addiction recovery, she helps to improve the recovery landscape for adolescents, especially young women, across the country.


Below is the full text of her TEDx Talk titled “The Secret to Being Enough” at TEDxFondduLac conference.

Listen to MP3 audio of this speech here:



When I was in high school, about to graduate early with high honors, instead of picking out a prom dress, or preparing for college, I was preparing for the end.

I was at one of the lowest, deepest and darkest points in my life, and I was ready to give up.

I was so ashamed of the person that I was becoming, and for the mistakes that I was making, that I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror anymore.

I remember, it was one night; I was sitting in my car, on the edge of the lake in my hometown. And through the uncontrollable sobbing tears and the music that I had blasted, while feeling so ashamed after another one-night stand and another hit of dope, that I wanted it to end.

It was either the drugs were going to take me, or I was going to end it all myself. I was so ashamed.

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