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Home » The Superpower of Autism: Dr. Stephen Mark Shore at TEDxAdelphiUniversity (Transcript)

The Superpower of Autism: Dr. Stephen Mark Shore at TEDxAdelphiUniversity (Transcript)

Dr. Stephen Mark Shore

Dr. Stephen Mark Shore – TRANSCRIPT

I’m here to talk about autism. I’m here to talk about using the idea of awareness as a launchpad, to taking things to the next level, to acceptance, to appreciation, and that is what I refer to as the three A’s of autism.

We’ve had a lot of work on awareness, organizations such as Autism Speaks, The Autism Society of America, many other organizations around the world have brought the level of awareness of autism to unprecedented levels. And that’s great. But where is the next step? The next step, I believe, is acceptance. Acceptance that autism is here, and working with people on the autism spectrum, as opposed to doing things to people on the autism spectrum.

The third A, appreciation. And that is where we see those of us on the autism spectrum, valued for who we are, for the contributions that we can make to society. So on that note, let us look into the world of the autistic mind, and we have a couple of pictures here. There are some differences between these pictures, small differences between the picture on the top and on the bottom. And if you focus on these pictures, you will see perhaps that there is only three yellow boots, or whatever they’re called, on the bottom of those poles, on the bottom, but these four in a row on the top. If we look at the zebra at the hind leg, at the bottom there seems to be a wide expanse of white, whereas the full complement of stripes, is on the zebra on the top.

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