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Home » This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness: Wim Hof (Transcript)

This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness: Wim Hof (Transcript)

Wim Hof on Impact Theory

Quote from this interview:

If I’m able to make my skin temperature not going down, well, being exposed to ice cold water, skin temperature that’s power. And that power is the same power. We can learn to embrace and awaken in which we are able to tackle any stressor in the world! Any stressor – emotionally and physically and mentally, whatever here you come up. We are built to be able to oppose that to get through and to learn and not to be afraid. Because we have the power with the mind!


Tom Bilyeu: Hey everybody! Welcome to Impact Theory! Our goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams.

Today’s guest is a real-life superhero! The first time I heard about him I really could not believe that he was real. He holds 26 official Guinness World Records for feats that were long believed to be fatal or just outright impossible.

  • He has run a half-marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot
  • He has remained completely submerged in ice for nearly two hours, and
  • He climbed Mount Everest wearing only shorts.
  • He had also hung more than a mile off the ground by a single finger
  • Run an entire marathon in the Namib desert without drinking a single drop of water,
  • And swam underneath the ice of a frozen ocean for almost the entire length of a football field on a single breath

His radical demonstrations of what the human animal is truly capable of have garnered him devotees and skeptics in equal measure. But he has systematically silenced the naysayers by subjecting himself to the rigors of science.

He has allowed himself to be poked, prodded, and probed during his insane feats. And in one experiment even allowed himself to be injected with an endotoxin to prove through conscious action he could mobilize his immune system to neutralize the threat – which is exactly what he did!

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And when people tried to dismiss him as a genetic freak who is simply beyond the rest of us, he taught 12 more people to do exactly what he did and they all got the exact same results.

So please help me in welcoming the man who can raise his core body temperature while submerged in an ice bath. The Iceman himself – Wim Hof!!!

Tom Bilyeu: Welcome to the show, man!

Wim Hof: Great intro. Wow. Warm-hearted, not cold!

Tom Bilyeu: Not cold at all.

But now we’re going to get into some of the cold ass crazy shit that you do. And I want to talk about adaptation. What is it about what you do that triggers the adaptation response? And what adaptation response doesn’t trigger?

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Wim Hof: The power to adapt to the stressor in general we lost this connection because we wear clothes all the time and we live in a comfort-zone behavior. We think we can control nature.

But by being non-stimulative in our behavior, we lost the connection in the depth of our physiology. Of course, we are able to adapt to anything. We are built to be able to adapt – without stress into any stressful situation. Again, a solution the body knows. But because we got into this comfort zone behavior, hundreds of years, our genetics have changed, our physiology has changed. Everything has changed.

And we actually lost the full power of the mind. And I’m here to bring it back!

Impact. Better listen to this conversation.

Tom Bilyeu: Yes I like that alright. So how do we bring it back?

Wim Hof: I did many studies already because I don’t like speculation. I go through study, the scrutiny and let any scientist prove me wrong. Because I like to go through the truth. Because I think there is more than meets the eye. I did many studies.

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And yes I could resist the bacteria as thought of not being able by humans. We changed medical history by showing a group of people compared to 16,134 people becoming sick after injection of an endotoxemia. And then suddenly 1200% score within a quarter of an hour! Complete control over the innate immune system and is specific. By the way of the adaptive immune system.

And how did I learn to do that and to pass it on? Because it’s already there in us. It only needs to awaken.

Tom Bilyeu: Define the adaptive immune system.

Wim Hof: The adaptive immune system is willfully regulating and controlling your T-cells and B-cells. They are located in the bone marrow. We are able to willfully influence the bone marrow and to release the T and B-cells which are very specific in the targeting on the bacteria and the virus and apoptosis (cell death) they created… Instead of fever and uncontrolled shivering and headaches and being sick – flus, fever and all that – is the second layer.

We got into the third layer into the depth of the immune system into the deepest. So willfully we are able to get into the bone marrow and release the T and B cells, in case of inflammation. And inflammation I tell you is the cause of any disease.

Tom Bilyeu: All right, that’s a lot to dive into. So first of all, let’s set aside inflammation for a second. I’ve heard you talk a lot about that. We will definitely get into that because I struggle with inflammation. But did you just say that you can willfully control apoptosis?

Wim Hof: Yes anybody can. For that we have the breathing exercises. And it has been shown in the comparative study. All the guys who did their breathing exercises, the endotoxin normally creates inflammation. And thus uncontrolled shivering, all over agony, headaches and fever. And the people really get sick after being injected with the bacteria E. Coli. And that’s normal.

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But it was not normal to be able to inoculate that reaction.

How did we do that? By breathing exercises, that are like controlled hypoxia. Where through the brain stem – the fight and flight suddenly activates the adrenaline and resets the body. And resetting the body is going past our comfort zone conditioning, going back in our primordial state, the way nature meant it to be. And that is being able effectively to battle dis-ease.

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