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Home » Transcript: Brian Little on Confessions of a Passionate Introvert at TEDxOxbridge

Transcript: Brian Little on Confessions of a Passionate Introvert at TEDxOxbridge

Brian Little

Dr. Brian Little is an internationally acclaimed scholar and speaker in the field of personality and motivational psychology. Here is the full transcript of Dr. Little’s TEDx Talk titled ‘Confessions of a Passionate Introvert’ at TEDxOxbridge Conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Confessions of a passionate introvert by Brian Little at TEDxOxbridge


Good morning. What an intriguing group of individuals you are! To a psychologist.

I’ve had the opportunity, in the last 46 minutes, to listen in on some of your conversations — inadvertently, of course — and to observe you interacting with each other, and I think it’s fair to say already that there are 19 people in this audience, at this moment, showing psychological symptoms I’d like to discuss this morning. And I thought you might like to know who you are.

But instead of pointing at you, which would be gratuitous and intrusive, I thought what I would do is give you a simple fact. Did you know that it is virtually impossible for adults to lick the outside of their own elbows? And did you know — that how you responded and acted upon that piece of information probably gives us a piece of information about your personality? For example, some of you have already tried to lick your elbows. And I’m afraid some of you may have dislocated something in the process. Some of you have demurred. Some of you have strongly demurred. And some of you have not only tried to lick your own elbow; you’ve successfully licked the elbow of the person sitting next to you.

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