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Transcript: Creativity in Cooking Can Solve Our Biggest Challenges by Jose Andres

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José Andrés

José Andrés, chef/owner of ThinkFoodGroup, presents Creativity in Cooking Can Solve Our Biggest Challenges at TEDxMidAtlantic 2011 event. Here is the full transcript of the TEDx talk.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Creativity in cooking can solve our biggest challenges by Jose Andres at TEDxMidAtlantic 2011


Well, I don’t know about you but today, I learned many things. I learned that, actually, astronomers don’t have all the ingredients with them, or that they don’t know many of the ingredients in the universe.

Cooks… We do. And it’s funny that she’s using liquid nitrogen, when I use liquid nitrogen to cook, and I’m so happy we found water in very distant and far away countries — very far away planets.

With water, I can cook — I know I have а job… forever.

Why am I here? I would love to believe it’s because I have something important to share with you, but I have a feeling that all my TED friends, in a very busy weekend in Washington, they wanted the excuse of — why ask me for a reservation — They invite me to speak, they go to other places.

But we are here to talk about more important things. I’m a chef — I’m a chef and I cook for the few, but, really, I want to be cooking for the world. I want to create the spark.

And how we create the spark being a chef? We create the spark through creativity. I know lunch is coming. Are you hungry? Sometimes, guys, to be creative, the only thing we have to be doing is — Why not? Looking at the stars, maybe, Andromeda, or maybe, a far away galaxy, it’s a way to get inspired. I just got inspired by these amazing presentations.

Sometimes, you only have to do simple things as these. I’m going to start now. Why? Because the world needs me to start.

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But creativity doesn’t happen, you know, in the middle of a beach, doing nothing, under a palm tree… No! I’ve never created anything in the beach, I only get burned by the sun. Actually, creativity will only happen when I’m surrounded by high energy environments that keep all of these ideas coming and coming, and keeps you alive.

Well, sometimes, to look for new creative ways we don’t need to look into the big things, we need to concentrate in the small ones. Sometimes, we need to be looking into the big ones, because that can be what creates a small idea. What is big can be small, and what’s small can become huge. We have no time to waste, but in order to be creative, people of the world, we have to make sure that we will not be afraid to look beyond the horizon that we don’t know what’s behind.

To take really that challenge of saying, “I’m going to move away from my comfort zone and I’m going to reach beyond what I don’t know.” This is really how we become creative. Where, sometimes, light can be what makes us blind, or what gives us the light to help us begin with a new creation.

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