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Home » Transcript: Justin Howard on Follow The Fear at TEDxDayton

Transcript: Justin Howard on Follow The Fear at TEDxDayton

Justin Howard, founder of the Black Box Improv Theater, presents Follow the fear at TEDxDayton conference…

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Follow the fear by Justin Howard at TEDxDayton


I will be with you guys in a second. We’re going to tweet that.

Yes, social media!

All right. I am Justin… Howard. And I own the Black Box Improv Theater in Dayton, Ohio. Those are all the people that are like, “Yeah! I was going to go there, but I haven’t yet, but I was going to.”

You guys have been inspired today? I have. I really genuinely have. There were some talks where I really almost teared up on a couple, and I think that’s really something powerful when you can get up on a stage in front of people, convey what makes your heart beat and make their heart beat, which is amazing. So, the speakers have been fantastic.

I was inspired at one point, some time ago, to open an improv theater. I’ve done improv since 2002, I was at Wittenberg University. Anybody from Wittenberg tonight? Just a few of us, because the rest of us have jobs that are making money. It’s a Wittenberg thing! So, whatever.

Laugh it up, UD! And for the college-aged students who want to transfer or the high school students who want to find a college, I loved my experience at Wittenberg. And I specifically loved one experience in general which was my class improvisation for the theater with Dr. Corwin Georges.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a time in your life where you did something and all of a sudden you realized, “Ah! That’s me, that’s my jam, this is the thing that I was supposed to do in my life.” If you’ve had that thing, and that thing you’re supposed to do in your life makes you money, good for you. Because improv does not! Even now.

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So, I’ve got the bug for this thing and I spent some time doing it, and studying it after college. I even moved to Chicago to spend a couple of years studying and teaching. And I always wanted to open an improv theater. I wanted to open it in Dayton, because I grew up in Tipp City, and I always had a special place in my heart for Dayton, especially when you move to a big city like Chicago and you realize that’s what a city can be, we’ve got one in Ohio that’s kind of blank and ready to roll.

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